Nanhai District, Foshan City, Guangdong Province, Song forging Hydraulic Machinery Factory is specialized in producing all kinds of hydraulic machinery and equipment manufacturers, has a complete and scientific quality management system. Founding date, the use of modern management tools and advanced technology, sophisticated equipment, design and manufacture of hydraulic machinery customer satisfaction, enabling customers to lower production costs, produce quality products.

Song forging Hydraulic Machinery Factory management products: Y28 series four quick stretch hydraulic machine, fatigue testing machine (axle dedicated machine), Y76S-mounted four-post series on the fast hydraulic machine, straightening machine (axle dedicated machine), Y76 series four fast hydraulic machine , YMD-20 hydraulic riveting machine, push the party machine (axle dedicated machine), YQ-220S type angle cutter, hydraulic system and cylinder, four-column hydraulic tensile machine, universal hydraulic machine, hung upside down four-column hydraulic press, extrusion hydraulic press, frame type hydraulic press, powder forming machines, water up forming machine, metal shearing machine, horizontal balers, vertical balers, the quick-shift hydraulic machines, hydraulic fittings and other products. Widely used in stainless steel, aluminum, copper, iron products processing; scrap metal, paper, shrink-wrapped production; metal molding, powder molding; rubber vulcanization molding and so on. Designed according to customers' needs and special non-standard hydraulic machinery, non-standard cylinders and hydraulic systems.
Foshan City, Guangdong Province, Song forging Hydraulic Machinery Factory
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